Turf Scholarship/Internship Fund

Student Turf Scholarship Program

For over 50 years the Trans-Mississippi Golf Association's Scholarship Fund has supported men and women pursuing careers in turf management. The Turf Scholarship Program allows current agronomy students the chance to lighten their financial burden during school by granting scholarships. Many past TMGA Turf Scholars have gone on to become Superintendents at some of the finest golf courses across the country. This past year the Trans-Mississippi Golf Association provided scholarships to 11 students totaling $60,000 in grants.

How to Apply

College Professor's will nominate a student(s) in their classes or that they advise at their University, via an online application. That application for 2020 will open on Monday, October 5th and close on Friday, October 30th. Once the professor recommendations are submitted, the students will be contacted and asked to fill out their own online application by Wednesday, November 18th. The scholarship grants range in amount from $2,500 to $7,500.

Club Turf Internship Program

In 2014, TMGA leadership created the Club Turf Internship Program. The Club Turf Internship Program has become an integral part of the promotion of aspiring agronomy students.  TMGA member clubs are selected to receive a grant in which students intern at some of the top clubs in the country gaining hands on experience from some of the industry's most respected superintendents, with the Trans-Mississippi grant offsetting that expense to the club. This past year the Trans-Mississippi Golf Association provided internships to 12 member clubs totaling over $60,000 in grants.
The Club Turf Program allows agronomy students the opportunity to work with some of the best superintendents in the business at some of the country's finest golf courses. Initial feedback from clubs and students alike has been very favorable. John Goode, chairman of the Scholarship Committee stated “This new program has been widely supported and allows for a win-win situation for students and facilities, while continuing the tradition on which the Trans-Miss was founded. We are excited about growing this program with additional clubs and funding at a higher level in the future.” 
The facilities awarded grants will be posted in early December on the Trans-Mississippi Golf Association website for students to apply for positions directly with the club.

How to Apply

Applications for a 2021 Club Turf Internship will open on Monday, October 5th and close on Friday, November 13th. The internship grants range in amount from $2,500 to $7,500. Member clubs that will receive a grant will be determined by their application and course projects interns would gain exposure to during their internship. Once the member clubs are selected and notified, the club can choose a student (from their own pool of applicants) or recent graduate of an agronomy or turf management program from an accredited university. Potential intern resumes have to be submitted and approved by the Scholarship Committee at akolb@trans-miss.org. Once the intern is approved, the funds will be sent to the club. Additional questions regarding the scholarship program should be sent via email to: akolb@trans-miss.org.

For the online Club Turf Internship Application click here. This application is for current TMGA Member Clubs only. Funding for internships come from member club dues and contributions by individuals and corporations, as well as interest from the association’s Endowment Fund.

Graduate Testimonials

"The Trans-Mississippi Scholarship led to a major career change. The financial aid and assistance was invaluable.”
- Jay Morrish - noted architect

"Both the financial help as well as the recognition helped me — and so many others — to develop our careers.”
- Ken Gorzycki - Director of Agronomy, Horseshoe Bay Resort, Horseshoe Bay, Texas


The Trans-Mississippi Turf Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 corporation.

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